Welcome to Julia's Southern Foods, LLC.  Our pantry  is always full of delicious Southern foods and snacks that our family has developed from scratch or identified as the best of the best products Made in the USA.  Always tastefully simple and naturally southern.

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Julia's Southern Foods, LLC


    Julia's Southern Foods, LLC  is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and identifying food products with a focus on achieving a rich southern taste, while minimizing the additional ingredients that you have to purchase to complete the preparation. We do not add preservatives  and seek out "clean" non-GMO ingredients that are grown or manufactured in the USA. 

    Product Returns:  In order to not waste food, please accept responsibility for your food purchases since we will not accept returns unless the product is defective or unsafe. After being served or sold and in the possession of a consumer, food that is unused or returned by the consumer may not be offered as food for human consumption. Our policy is that any food that has left our facility may not be resold. We believe our customers do not want to risk consumption of food that has been in the possession of another consumer even though there may be no indication the package was opened. Your safety is our major concern and we also do not want to increase the prices to our valued customers based on an inconsiderate person making a purchase of food and then deciding they really did not want it. Do your research first and then enjoy our food products!

    Errors & Typos:  While we strive for perfection, we are human and sometimes pricing errors and typos get past us during editing and/or during upgrades, information reverts back to the previous version.  When obvious errors are brought to our attention (usually through orders), we can't always honor them... particularly when it's apparent that someone is trying to take advantage of the error.  However, in the spirit of good customer service, we always try to offer an upgraded single product for the customer's lucky find or refund the amount paid.

    We GREATLY appreciate your time and look forward to serving you soon.

    Julia's Southern Foods, LLC\

    5608 Prima Vera Ct

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